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dippt cas no 135252-10-7

This dippt cas no 135252-10-7 uses double anti-sandwich method to determine the content activity in the specimen. dippt cas no 135252-10-7 is mainly divided into two specifications, 96T and 48T. The main components of the kit are: Enzyme label plate, specification, diluent, color developing liquid, termination liquid, washing liquid, sealing plate film, instruction manual, etc.

dippt cas no 135252-10-7:

1. Strong focus. The immune response of antigen and antibody is the focused response, and the immunoenzyme skill is based on the immune response, the object of detection is the antigen (or antibody), and the antibody used is not much different from the immune response characteristics of general antibodies except for the labeled enzyme.

2. High sensitivity. Since the antibody is bound to the enzyme, the combination of antigen and antibody is shown by the chromogenic response of the enzyme and the substrate, which greatly improves the sensitivity of detection and makes the detection level close to the radioimmunoassay.

3. Samples are easy to store. Most of the colored products showed by enzyme reaction are relatively stable, which is conducive to sample preservation.

4. Results are easy to investigate. The test results can be investigated with the naked eye, can be investigated with a microscope, can also be determined with a spectrophotometer for colorimetry, can also be investigated with a microscope. This is due to the fact that some enzyme reaction products can change the electron density, which causes the display of the detected object.

5. Can be measured quantitatively. The antigenic substances in the solution can be determined by colorimetric method using enzyme adsorption-free technique, which can be quantified according to the change of optical density value. It is estimated that the cell spectrophotometer can be used to quantitatively determine the immunoenzyme skills of antigens in tissues.

6. Able to measure samples on a large scale. If numerous samples need to be tested, the immunoenzyme skills can be completed in a relatively short time.

7. Simple instruments and reagents. For immunization skills, there is no need for fluorescence microscopy, nor do special instruments for the determination of radioactivity, the instruments and reagents used are general instruments and reagents, which are easily available to general laboratories and production and application units.

dippt cas no 135252-10-7


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