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ARTICLE BY: TL Holmes - Branding/Marketing Strategist, Author

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There are countless books and courses available online that describe what feels like an exhaustive process when creating a unique and memorable brand.  It can become overwhelming and outright frustrating when you’re just getting a business off the ground while trying to come up with a unique brand that will stand out.  This is the fun part of Brand Building. This is where you get to define your Brand.  I have used these principles for years with my clients, for myself and now I am giving these same principles to you.  Here are 10 areas that are very important when it comes to building a brand and Unlocking the POWER of your Brand:

Have A Focused Mission Statement:

The strength of your brand begins with a very specific and purposeful mission statement. This is the promise you make to your market and it defines who you are and what you have to offer. The easiest way to create a powerful mission statement is to think of your business from your customers’ perspective.  What is it that they need, want and/or desire?  Your brand should be the solution.  But in order to do this the correct way, you must know your target audience.  Who are you aiming to impact?

Create a Unique Tagline:

A slogan is an important part of every brand because it simplifies your brand message and breaks it down into a few descriptive words. A  tagline  is  important  because  it  helps  to  create  an  immediate connection between you and your customer.

Take a Professional Photo Shoot:

One of the very first things you want to do is take a professional promotional photo shoot (not a family portrait or vacation picture). Those that I’ve worked with know this is a big thing with me. Every brand starts with a great picture!  Make sure you find a professional photographer who can deliver quality work. Make sure your photographs are touched up by a professional. Always use the PNG (transparent) file format of your pictures, so that your pictures can be placed on any design without the background.

Your Color Scheme:

What do you envision as the look and feel of your brand? What colors do you feel stand out? What kind of graphics do you plan to feature?

Great Graphics:

Depending on the type of business you are planning to launch, you’ll want to consider hiring a professional graphic designer to create digital product images, banners, a logo and other graphic elements that anchors your brand. You can hire people from places like www.Fiverr.com  or you can look for graphic designers from freelance markets like www.Upwork.com.

Get a Domain Website:

Your domain name should be relevant to your business and/or brand.  You can register a domain at www.NameCheap.com  or www.GoDaddy.com  for less than $12 a year and set up a hosting account with www.BlueHost.com  or www.HostGator.com. Register a domain that defines your brand in some way, and set up a simple website using customer management services like www.Wordpress.com or www.Wix.com .

Establish Social Media Accounts:

You will want to quickly snag any social media accounts that you plan to use, so that you can stake claim to your brand’s username. This could be your website domain or perhaps a keyword-based name that attracts attention (ex: @tlholmesonline, @nike, etc.).  You want to make sure that your social media page covers compliment your website.  Consistency is key!  Make sure you design social media banner ads that are formatted for whatever social media platforms you are using.  The basic social media accounts you should always have are: www.facebook.com, www.ampsocial.net, www.twitter.com and  www.instagram.com.

Track Your Customer Traffic:

Integrate a site analytics tool into your website, so that you can keep a steady pulse on where your traffic is coming from. This will help you later develop marketing campaigns that are geared towards your prime sources of traffic.  Google analysis and Facebook analysis are two tools that can assist you in these efforts.  It is a wise business move to an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) analysis on your existing website if you have one.  There is software that can help you achieve this type of research in lightning speed.  One great site for this software is www.Anexusmedia.com .  You can find various cloud-based software products on the product tab that may suit your needs.  Your webmaster (the person that designed your website) should be able to help you find the proper software to use.

Make sure your website ADA Compliant:

Since the global pandemic, the US government has made it mandatory for your website to be ADA (American Disability Act) Compliant.  This one step will enable your website to cater to disabled individuals and provide added incentives for them to be engaged on your website.  This will also ensure that you don’t make yourself susceptible to lawsuits like others have even some celebrities fall prey to.  Make sure you check out www.Anexusmedia.com for more information on ADA Compliance.

Connect Your Brand Elements:

It is important to always connect every component of your business together, to provide potential customers with different ways to reach out to you and become part of your tribe. For example, you should always feature your social media links on your website so that people can follow you and begin to interact with you through multiple channels.


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