Notes in the beer system flushing process

beer system

Those who are familiar with the beer system know that there are many cans in the beverage production line, such as mixing cans, sterilization tubes, mixing tanks, water storage tanks and so on. In order to ensure the hygiene and qualification of the drinks, the beer system should be washed regularly. Here we will introduce the precautions in the beer system flushing process in detail.

1. Stop flushing the pump when replacing the filter element, pay attention not to bring impurities into it;

2. After qualified flushing, attention should be paid to the protection of flushing oil and pipeline before use to avoid pollutants entering the system.

3, the empting and blowdown should be carried out regularly to ensure that the system is full, and timely discharge of gas and pollutants.

4. In the early stage of washing, water evaporation in the oil is very important, and there should be a window for steam to escape on the washing tank.

5. The oil tank should be closed to reduce the chance for particles in the air on site to enter the oil tank;

6. When the phase oil tank is added with washing oil, the refueling trolley with filter should be used to filter out the pollutants in the barrel oil.

beer system


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