Window-door profile mould

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Window-door profile mould

With more than 20 years of design and manufacturing experience, advanced design and excellent production, with the best price, is China's earliest engaged in the design and production of doors and Windows profile mold professional manufacturers, personalized customization and design, so as to fully play the capacity of extruder, and to achieve the best physical properties of products.

Applied range :
PVC plastic steel doors and Windows, flat doors and Windows, sliding doors and Windows, guardrail, line groove line pipe and other PVC pipe, mold multi-cavity pipe, foam pipe, winding pipe and so on.

Extrusion materials:
UPVC, PVC soft and hard co-extrusion, PVC multi-color co-extrusion, multi-material co-extrusion, all-package co-extrusion, embossed co-extrusion, etc.

Technical advantages:
1, the automatic numerical control machine tool processing precision is high, the mold error is very small.
2, according to customer raw materials tailored, design experience value for each unique.
3. The cavity parameters and water and air distribution are reasonable, which can play the best capacity of extruder.
4, adapt to a variety of formulations and different equipment production.
5, the reset is accurate, to ensure the continuous production capacity of the mold.

Main types of molds:
Single cavity mold: the extrusion speed is fast, the extrusion speed of the main profile is more than 2.5 meters per minute
Double cavity mold: exerting the maximum capacity of extruder, stable and efficient production
Multi-cavity mold: used in small section products, improve productivity
Special mold: the size and extruding capacity of excess, according to customer needs tailored
Co-extruded mold: co-extruded soft adhesive strip or co-extruded color surface, co-extruded layer uniform
Fully coated mold: the outer new material and the inner core is old material, which can save the material cost and avoid steel lining.

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