Is the 4g lte gps tracking device useful in the basement?

4g lte gps tracking device

Is the 4g lte gps tracking device useful in the basement? This is useless under normal circumstances, because there is no star search.

GPS positioning work is the need for the network to coordinate the positioning, in the high arrowhead and hidden indoor, basement will block the satellite, so that it can not search the star, can not locate normally. At the same time, the network in the basement is stable, and the software platform cannot be updated in time after GPS positioning, resulting in loss.

Some companies claim that they can also use the base station positioning in the bottom room; Its general principle is: The mobile phone measures the downlink pilot signals of different base stations and obtains the TOA (Time of Arrival) or TDOA(Time Difference of Arrival) of the downlink pilots of different base stations. According to the measurement results and the coordinates of the base station, Generally using the triangular formula estimation algorithm, you can calculate the location of the mobile phone. The actual location estimation algorithm needs to consider the positioning of multiple base stations (3 or more), so the algorithm is much more complicated. Generally speaking, the more base stations measured by mobile stations, the higher the measurement accuracy and the more obvious the positioning performance improvement.

4g lte gps tracking device


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