No Water Land: A Tale of Struggle and Survival

"No Water Land" is an upcoming documentary revealing the plight of young Indian girls burdened with water collection, missing education opportunities. Directed by Saumitra Singh, it's produced by Shaz Memon's NGO, 'Wells on Wheels'.

Childhood is a time for joy and school learning, but in various regions of India, girls are tasked with collecting water for their families from an early age. This responsibility not only strips them of their innocence, but it also hinders their school attendance and overall development. The upcoming documentary "No Water Land" sheds light on these harsh realities experienced by young girls in rural India.

Saumitra Singh, an award-winning director, and storyteller Abhi Raj Sharma teamed up with producer Shaz Memon to create "No Water Land." The documentary portrays the difficult choices that these girls face between ensuring survival by collecting water and pursuing education for a brighter future.

Saumitra Singh, the energetic director, has recently revealed the title of his documentary project, "No Water Land," which brings to life the inspiring real story of UK-based philanthropist Shaz Memon. His NGO, 'Wells on Wheels', is dedicated to promoting the welfare and education of young girls from Maharashtra who lack basic educational opportunities due to their family's water collection needs.

Shaz Memon, the documentary's producer, mentioned, "All children have dreams, but not all children have the means to chase these dreams. I aim to change that for these young girls in rural India, who are unjustly caught in the cycle of water collection. Their sacrifices extend beyond the loss of a normal childhood and negatively impact their health. The majority of them are bound by necessity to carry water on their heads, thereby missing out on education. This is a significant burden on any young child."

Director Saumitra Singh was deeply moved by the tragic stories of these young girls who trek 3-4 kilometers twice a day with heavy pots on their heads to fetch water. These obligations have denied them access to education and other growth-related activities. The shocking fact that this is happening just 150 kilometers from a major city like Mumbai inspired him to share their stories globally.

Saumitra and his team have finished scouting locations for the shoot, and the project is now in the pre-production stage. He expressed gratitude to Sanjay Kapoor for introducing him to the project creators and for his role as the brand ambassador of 'Wells on Wheels.' He further added, "We recently wrapped up a feature film with Sanjay, and I'm grateful for his support in this social initiative. I'm lucky to have Shaz Memon and the 'Wells on Wheels' team from Nashik guiding me. Their work is truly remarkable."

The documentary will be produced by Shaz Memon's NGO 'Wells on Wheels', in collaboration with Shukar Studios and Shiprartz overseeing production. The direction will be handled by Saumitra Singh, while Hasan Khan is an Executive Producer. Abhi Raj Sharma is tasked with shaping the narrative of the documentary, focusing on the girls' plight.

Saumitra Singh, known for his work with Naseeruddin Shah on the award-winning short film 'The Wallet', and eagerly anticipating the release of his upcoming movies 'Taxi No 24' and 'The House of Lies', collaborates on this project.

Abhi Raj Sharma, the director of Shiprartz and the documentary's writer, conveyed his appreciation for being involved in this worthwhile endeavor. He expressed, "My partners Amaninder Singh, Manbir Sandhu, and I founded this company to tell stories rooted in India, but I never envisioned that we would be recounting this devastating tale of young girls torn between survival and education."


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