How to choose Corn CORN COB LED BULB Manufacturer?

corn cob led bulb manufacturer

CORN CORN CORN COB LED BULB Manufacturer is a type of LED lamps. It belongs to the light source, 360 degrees surrounded by light, and its shape and lamp beads are like corn sticks.

CORN CORN CORN COB LED BULB Manufacturer, even with the corn lamp of the E27 lamp head, is characterized by a full -light light angle of light, uniform light color and no dark region, which is extremely suitable for the replacement light source of lamps such as table lamps, wall lamps, crystal lamps, and traditional trap lamps. The E27 lamp head is international standard and applies globally. There is no compatibility problem, and it is also convenient to install and use.

Secondly, how to choose Corn CORN COB LED BULB Manufacturer manufacturer? A good manufacturer has the following characteristics:

1. Quality control, quality inspection, and control must pass. Can not be charged in the secondary, especially when we make lighting fixtures, the safety of the product is even more unavailable;

2. Working workmanship, fine workmanship, and in place;

3. With the degree of cooperation, can you cooperate with yourself to complete some goals, make some improvements, and make better cooperation; can small batch orders cooperate well?

4. Delivery speed, can it be delivered on time, what is the delivery speed compared to the peers?

5. Parameter real standards, whether the actual parameters can be indicated, no deficiency, no fake data.

corn cob led bulb manufacturer


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