Wyrms OSRS Guide: All You Need to Know

Wyrms are very similar to dragons such as the black or iron dragon in the sense that they are dragon-like creatures, but don't go into this fight thinking that they will be a breeze to defeat. If you need help beating Wyrms, or simply want some guidelines before you go into the dunge

What Are Wyrms?

The legend of wyrms from OSRS tells us that they once were an extremely proud and large-scale creature breed, but found their numbers drastically diminished when they participated within the God War, and were eventually forced into hiding inside the Karuulm Slayer Dungeon. There is also a legend that says Dragonkin Karuulm attempted to resurrect the wyrms of the past, and those are the beasts you find and fight in the underground dungeon.


As we get into strategies for combat later, the wyrms you will encounter will leap off the ground, and then swat at you with magical ranged attacks and melee attacks. They do not use dragonfire like the metal dragon, so you don't need to be concerned about it. You also need to be at the level of 62 slayers to fight the wyrms.


They are also found only in the Slayer Dungeon in the lower stage, regardless of whether engaged in a slayer mission or not. You won't find them in the open.


What's the Best Guide For Fighting Wyrms?


The first thing to note is that, unlike the other creatures, the wyrms do not employ dragonfire-based attacks, but melee and magic based ones. They will levitate off the ground and engage against the player. Furthermore, they can strike with magic only if you battle them at range, and magic and melee when you fight them in melee.


One of the most effective ways to defeat wyrms as well as prevent the majority of their harm is to take them on at a distance, while wearing armor to protect yourself from magical attacks. They will not try to pursue you or get in on you, and it is possible to withstand their attacks and open fire using your weapon of range.


Additionally, they are dragons that are susceptible to the type of weapon known as the dragonbane. These can include dragonbane weapons like the Dragon Hunter Lance and the Dragon Hunter Crossbow. It is also possible to fight them in melee battle, but due to the melee as well as magical attacks, you wouldn't be able to get the most of damage resistance. If you're looking to farm these creatures for their drops or the Slayer Task is your goal, then you'll would prefer high damage with range and also heavy on the magic protection.


How Do They Drop?


Wyrms, just like all creatures in the game tend to drop something after the slaughter. First, they'll drop wyrm bones that have the highest price when they are sold. They also provide prayer XP boosts each time you bury them. You can first put them in a grave and gain fifty prayer experience. You can also use the spell sinister offering to grant 150 Prayer XP.


The bones can be offered up on an altar that is gilded or at the Chaos Temple gives 175 prayer XP. Also, 200 XP are offered whenever you grind them up into wyrm bone meal and serve them at the Ectofuntus. The wyrm bones can be worth the Slayer tasks If you're looking to boost your speedily.


There is also the possibility to drop standard weapons, runes, and herbs and other items. However, what most players prefer are the four rare drops: The Dragon Sword, The Dragon Harpoon, The Dragon Knife The Dragon Knife, The Dragon Knife, and The Dragon Thrownaxe. Let's break these down.


The Dragon Sword

The dragon sword has an attack level requirement of 60 and it's one of two of the most effective shortswords available in the game along with an elongated bladed weapon. The dragon sword is a lot more powerful strength bonus and an exclusive attack known as Wild Stab. This attack consumes 40 percent of your special attack energy however it is able to hit the target and adds 25% increase in effectiveness and damage.


The Dragon Harpoon

The dragon harpoon is required to have 60 attacks in order to operate and 61 fishing to use. If you are using the harpoon for fishing the water, you'll receive a 20 percent increase in yield, which means you will catch that you catch more fish! In combat, it is equipped with the same statistics as the dragon knife, although it is more slow. It's not weapons for combat and is more of an fishing tool.


The special attack, the fishstabber, gives you an additional 3 boost to your fishing skills while using 100% of the player's special attack energy. If you're a lover of fish then this is the perfect tool for you.


The Dragon Knife

It is the Dragon Knife, despite being a knife, actually is an armed weapon that can be ranged and is the most powerful thrower in the game. It is required to be 60 distance, and they can be poisoned as well. They are additionally, you can use them with a godbook or shield in your hand to provide protection. A special attack duality takes up to 25% of the player's special attack energy. This lets you throw two dragon knives at once. Each knife comes with its own precision as well as damage roll.


The Dragon Thrownaxe

This is the most powerful one in the game. You require at minimum 61 range to utilize it. The attack special to this weapon's momentum throw consumes up to 25% of attack energy, and improves the accuracy of your throw by 25 percent. Also, it guarantees that you will be ready to attack the next tick. So , if you've got special energy available, you can keep attacking with a guarantee of hits many times in rapid succession.


What You Should Have With You

Additionally, to the equipment and weapons that you'll need to combat these wyrms and survive, you also need to go into the volcano Mount Karuulm! This means that you'll be required to wear Boots of Stone, Boots of Brimstone and Granite Boots to protect yourself from the reality that the floor is quite literally scorched lava. It's very hot.


Boots of Stone can be bought at any Slayer Master once you hit the level of 40. Boots of Brimstone can be created when you mix Boots of Stone with a Drake's Claw, and Granite boots can be found as a drop from wyverns found in wyvern caves. All of these boots have different benefits and stats which would require a separate article to evaluate, so take a look at which will benefit you.


In the event that you end having completed the Elite level Kourend as well as Kebos diary, which requires the player completing various actions as well as tasks in your Kourend and Kebos Lowlands region, one of the rewards will help you. The reward is not just giving you teleportation free into Mount Kaluum, but also lets you walk across the ground without getting burned or wearing special boots.


The Shadow Wyrm

If you're the type of Slayer who is truly enthralled by an adventure, you can buy the "Bigger and Badder' unlock from a Slayer Master. This will allow you to meet shadow Wyrm. Although they have higher numbers of hit points, and a larger and more intimidating design than regular wyrms, they do have the same strategy.


You can take on them at close range, and fight their magical attacks, or take on with them at a melee. Be prepared for the increase in the damage they cause to you, as they are harder than the rest of their peers every time.


The only difference in their strategy is that they can't be protected from and will continue harassing you since their intensity is so intense. Make sure you are prepared as you don't want overcome by a shadowy wyrm! They'll be relentless until you are dead!


Getting To The Karuulm Slayer Dungeon

Before you can combat any drakes of your choice You must reach the Karuulm Slayer Dungeon. You can use the fairy ring code CIR to use the skills necklace to teleport. After that, you must go below the lower layer of the dungeon. Then, you must travel into the western area for the fight against the Wyrms.


You can battle the other creatures in the dungeon, however typically, the gear you use for fighting wyrms may not be something you'd want to use against other monsters. Avoidance is your best bet to ensure that you don't use up all your powerful items or gear before the battle against the Wyrms.


Take on the wyrms one at a time because there are a lot of wyrms inside the room . Having the whole group ganging up on you isn't the best idea! Take on them with your preferred set-up, melee or ranged, then take the loot!

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