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Equipment Roller suppliers Made of high quality, impact resistant nylon, extra heavy wheel design, very low rolling and swivel resistance, smooth running performance on even floors, high abrasion resistance, color natural white. Spraying Surface Treatment Is Resistant To Wet, Damp, Or Corrosive Environments. Recommend For Super Heavy Duty Use. Main Features 1) Ultra-strong high tech nylon material, Resists Hard Impacts 2) Double ball bearing 3) Spraying surface treatment 4) Impervious To Most Chemicals, Solvents, Oil, Salt, Moisture And Cleaning Solutions Applications High Load Capacity 4 Inch Forklift Roller Wheel Solid High Strength Nylon Forklift Roller Wheel Double Bearing Roller Wheel is Excellent for power tow application, Platform trucks and transport dollies, Conveyor systems, Warehousing freight terminal dollies, Ground support equipment, Military equipment, etc,. Equipment Roller suppliers website:


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