liquor distillation turnkey full set of equipment main function

liquor distillation turnkey

liquor distillation machine full set of equipment has a multi-function automatic digester, saccharation tank, fermenter, energy-saving distillation equipment, etc. The following describes the multi-function automatic digester, saccharation tank, fermenter, energy-saving distillation equipment and other functions. It also introduces the advantages of liquor distillation turnkey full set of equipment.

One: multifunctional automatic cooking machine

Multifunctional energy-saving automatic grain steaming machine can be arbitrarily adjusted according to different varieties of grain, to adapt to different grains such as glutinous rice, millet, rice, sorghum, wheat, cooking machine can produce 6 tons per hour, part of the grain due to ripening conditions of different cooking time is also different, using this cooking machine can reduce a lot of labor costs and energy consumption. Because the frame adopts hot-dip galvanized treatment, strong rust resistance, all the parts in contact with water, steam and rice are made of stainless steel, safe and reliable cooking. Because a large number of wear-resistant and high-temperature resistant materials are used in the machine, the maintenance rate is not high. The sorghum digester has an energy-saving device, which saves more energy consumption than the ordinary digester. Grain steaming machine can adjust the amount of steam, water, cooking time according to the different grain varieties, so as to meet the brewing requirements of the grain, at the same time can be added behind the automatic distribution device Qu powder, can adjust the amount of powder according to user needs, function can meet most of the cooking requirements.

Two. Saccharification tank

Saccharification tank is a kind of loading container can be used for saccharification process, there is a layer of cold water, by controlling the flow of cold water to control the saccharification temperature, according to the needs of the winery customer saccharification process adjustment, convenient and reliable operation, at the same time saccharification tank has automatic pump saccharification material system, save the trouble of human labor transport material, so that the whole production process more tends to automatic control, Controllable saccharification tank has been widely used in various distillery enterprises and achieved good saccharification effect.

Three. Fermenter

Fermenter is a loading container for fermentation process, there are 2~3 layers of coil cold water control, can be adjusted according to the customer on the wine process control fermentation temperature, the same fermentation equipment within the automatic conveying material system, just press the button, the material will be automatically transported to the distillation equipment to go, can save dozens of people transport material manual, and conveying materials faster, objective output, The sanitation will not be affected.

liquor distillation turnkey


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