Molybdenum Powder price

Molybdenum Powder price About us Jinzhou Stone Trading Co., Ltd was established in 2006 with the capital of 6 million yuan by Jinzhou Institute of Metal Material. The main products are ferro alloy products, mineral products, mechanical equipment, steel raw materials, non-ferrous products and their raw materials. Our company specializes in import and export business and agent business. After more than ten years of development, the company has accumulated rich experience in international trade. The trade network covers Korea, Japan, the United States, Zimbabwe and South Africa, some European countries and etc. We look forward to cooperating with you. The specific business is as follows: Acting as the sole agent of the export business of all series products of Jinzhou Institute of Metal Material and Jinzhou Sihai Metal Co., Ltd., including: Metal Chromium, Carbide, Nitride and other chromium products; Copper boron, Copper Magnesium and other master alloy products; Titanium powder, Zirconium powder and other rare alloy products; Ferro alloy welding powder series products. Minerals: chromium ore imports from Africa. Mechanical equipment: mining equipment, engineering machinery, etc. Others: steel and raw materials, non-ferrous metals and raw materials, etc. Our ProductsMolybdenum Powder price website:


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