HDPE Overlap Waterprof Tape price

PPR Fitting TypeA Product Description We selected PPR from top raw material manufacturers to make this PPR flange liner. It does not contain any toxic and harmful elements, so it is safe enough to be used in the drinking water system in residential areas.

HDPE Overlap Waterprof Tape price Product Description HDPE double sided tape is an environment-friendly self-adhesive waterproof sealant with HDPE film as the main raw material. It is durable and easy to install. Since this product will not produce any toxic substances or gases, it can create a safe and comfortable working environment for workers and avoid the peculiar smell after installation. Due to its excellent water resistance, it can still maintain excellent chemical properties and structural stability in the case of water contact. We have selected the top raw materials, so the tape has obtained excellent adhesion to prevent falling off. All products have passed our strict performance test and quality control, so you can buy with confidence. Product Features 1. It is with the excellent water resistance and aging resistance. 2. No solvent, shrinkage and toxic gas. 3. HDPE double sided tape has strong adhesion. 4. The product has high polymer content, so its performance is stable. Application Instruction Caution In order to achieve the best lapping effect, we need to clean the surface of the polymer coiled material before using it, such as water, oil, dirt, dust and other impurities. The surface must be completely dry before the construction. FAQ Q. Will you provide after-sale service? R. Yes. Q. Could I use my own shipping agent? R. Yes. Q. Is the price negotiable? R. Yes. Q. How about the delivery time? R. Generally, it is based on products and our production schedule. But we always pursuit highest satisfaction from our valued clients.HDPE Overlap Waterprof Tape price website:http://www.waterproofing-china.com/waterproof-tapes/hdpe-overlap-waterprof-tape/