Clark Reeves Young team begins wastewater treatment plant expansion in US

The water and sewage construction pipeline market size was $390.1 billion in Q4 2022. Despite the deteriorating short-term economic outlook and increasingly stretched public finances amid rising cost-of-living globally, investment in water and sewage projects remains relatively strong.

The Canton Wastewater Treatment Plant Expansion Project, which will cost $67 million and is being built in Canton, Georgia, the United States, is being constructed by Clark Construction Group and Reeves Young.

It is anticipated that the project, which is entirely supported by revenues from the Canton Water and Sewer Fund, will be completed by 2024. Canton will be able to successfully meet the demands of future residential and commercial growth thanks to this expansion project.

Water and Sewage Construction Projects fills in as the overall project worker under this concurrence with the City and will attempt to enhance the limit of Canton's essential wastewater treatment plant to deal with 6,000,000 gallons each day and grow its ability by half.

After the installation of a membrane filtration system that effectively aids the solids handling process, the new facility will also raise the water treatment system to a higher standard of regulatory compliance.

Bill Grant, mayor of Canton, stated: After numerous long periods of arranging and cautious audit, the City of Canton is incredibly eager to start work on the Wastewater Treatment Plant Extension project. As thesingle biggest civil task in our City's set of experiences, this speculation will guarantee long periods of feasible development and work on our framework for future interest, a vital occupant of Canton's 'Guide for Progress'."

A series of mechanical processes are carried out in conjunction with Georgia-based Reeves Young, which has approximately 70 years of experience in the water resources market, and Maryland-based Clark Construction Group, which has over 40 years of experience in water and wastewater.

The Clark Reeves Young team will also construct a new control building, a tertiary treatment system, a laboratory, a new solids handling facility with aerobic digesters, and a sludge dewatering building as part of the project. They will also install additional grit removal equipment in the existing headworks.

Brian Walker, vice-president and general manager of Clark Construction, stated: Clark is thrilled to add this significant project to its expanding portfolio in the Southeast and expand its presence there.


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