Get Updo Cornrow Braids from Houston's Premier Hair Salon

Elite Braids + Weaving is a leading salon in Houston specializing in hair styling, Weaving, and braiding. We are the best Afro salon with highly trained hair stylists in the city.

Elite Braids is Houston's leading hair salon. We specialize in weaves, extensions, natural hairstyles, braids, and cornrows. If you're looking for updo cornrow braids in Houston, you can visit the nearest Elite Braids salon for the professional touch of our hairstylists.


Elite Braids is committed to giving all clients the best salon experience. All our stylists don't just want you to look good but also feel good every time you walk out of our salon. We're Houston's best hair salon for a reason.


What are Updo Cornrow Braids?

Cornrows are amongst the best protective hairstyles that also look stylishly cool. While there are many different ways to wear a cornrow braid, with even more options to style them in a number of ways, you can't deny that updo cornrow braids are probably the pick of the lot.


Updo Cornrow Braids are quite elegant and stylish when done by a master braider like our professionals at Elite Braids. It involves adding extensions to your hair while it's being braided.


You can wear your updo cornrows with a bun or ponytail. For the ponytail look, we braid your cornrows in a circular pattern. The top and bottom parts are thus braided to the center. We then hold the braids together and tie more braids around them to create a ponytail. You can also style it into a bun, which looks very stylish as well.


Avail the expertise of Elite Braids and get the style you want with our professional hair styling services.