The Power of Podcasts in Marketing Books

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For several years, podcasts have taken the internet by storm, and as a result, they deserve a place in your book publicity campaign. Content for podcasts is wide-ranging and leaves plenty of room to discuss any book, whether inspirational, educational, or entertaining.

Understanding a niche approach is the key to success in marketing books with podcasts. Each one has an audience highly interested in a specific topic. Connect with the right people and sell copies of downloads of your book; it's that simple. You might launch your own podcast if you aspire to connect with your audience in multiple ways.

Among the many impressive things about podcasts are their growing audiences. Part of what makes the growth happen is the never-ending expansion of the internet and the devices to access it. Smartphones are the latest, making it possible to listen from anywhere the phone receives a signal. According to recent counts, more than 60 million American listen to a podcast every week, and nearly 120 million do so monthly. It works out to about a third of the population, enough to make a difference in your book marketing program. Compared to other media, podcasting is also attractively low-priced.

Audience engagement is an important term in any marketing communications endeavor, and book PR is no exception. It's where niche versus mass comes into play most seriously. Podcasts have smaller, niche audiences, unlike a network TV show with an audience in the millions (a mass audience). When you reach a mass audience with news of a book, only a small percentage will have enough interest to buy or download a copy. It's different with a niche audience. Their numbers may be smaller, but they have developed an interest in the subject. As a result, they are much likelier to buy and read your book.

You can also appear on several podcasts and reach multiple audiences that, when combined, equal more significant numbers. It's the way to leverage the sales-generating potential of niche marketing fully. Therefore, determining the target audience for your book, even before you write it, is wise. Then when it comes time to market through podcasts and other means, you have an organized approach. Successful books today commonly have multiple target audiences. It helps with book sales and author branding. The trick is to promote yourself and your business and create the potential to write future books successfully.

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