What is 100L CIP EQUIPMENT? What are the principles of cleaning

100L CIP EQUIPMENT https://www.hzzjde.com/Stainless_steel_tanks/115.html

CIP cleaning machine is widely used in beverage, dairy, fruit juice, fruit pulp, jam, wine and other food and beverage production enterprises with high degree of mechanization. Let's find out.

General principles of cleaning process for 100L CIP EQUIPMENT:

The general process is the use of 3-step cleaning (water rinsing - alkali washing - final shower)

The aseptic liquid dispensing process adopts the 5-step cleaning method (water rinsing - alkali rinsing - water rinsing - pickling - final rinsing).

Water washing often uses drinking water or recycled final shower water, water temperature can be adjusted according to different residues, generally control the temperature of the water in 60~80℃

Alkaline washing usually uses 1.0~2.5%NAOH solution, which can be recycled under the premise that there is no cross contamination

Pickling is usually done with 1.0~2.0% nitric acid

Purified water was used as the final eluent, and injected water was used as the sterile solution

100L CIP EQUIPMENT https://www.hzzjde.com/Stainless_steel_tanks/115.html


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